Paradise Church Vision 2020 Strategic Plan


A New Direction for 2020 and beyond

On Sunday, September 8th, 2019, I was joined by Bob Meadows, the chairperson of our Revive and Rejuvenate capital campaign and Doug Shceetz, the chair of our Property/ Finance Committee. We presented to the Paradise congregation a comprehensive report. Bob officially closed out our capital campaign and reported on all that we were able to accomplish. Doug showed the challenges of our current finances and where things can be inproved.

At this point, we presented the Congregation with a call to embrace a new direction. A new vision for Paradise Church. This vision arises out the idea that we cannot stay where we are at. And at the same time, we have somewhere else we need to go. Something that we still need to do.

The materials on this page speak to what has been proposed. If you have any questions concerning this page, please feel free to reach out to the church office directly.


Vision 2020 highlights.

Our mission statement defines us, but in addition to the statement we need a new set of marching orders. So we have a new new logo and vision statement for Paradise Church.


With the Vision Statement we also saw five words that will speak clearly to our focus going into the future. Experience, Connect, Invest
Reach, Go. Everything we do will be

 We also spoke about some specific changes to leadership moving forward

 Below are some materials for the congregation

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