(Left to Right) Pastor Dave, Pianist Taylor Nervo, and Associate Worship Leader Cliff Varian.

(Left to Right) Pastor Dave, Pianist Taylor Nervo,
and Associate Worship Leader Cliff Varian.

What is The Table?

We are excited to announce the creation of The Table, a new worship service that began October 15th. This adds a third option to our already impressive repertoire of Sunday morning worship services, and we believe it will provide an important worship experience for people in Louisville and beyond.

Below we have some answers to the most commonly asked questions about this additional service.

* What kind of worship service will the Table be?  The Table will provide a rich, thoughtful, contemporary worship experience centered around the table of Christ’s unconditional love. The Table will have a contemporary coffee house atmosphere that lends itself well to reflection, celebration, conversation, and community where all are welcome. While it will be contemporary in style, it will also fit the very best of Paradise Church’s ethos, values, and vision.

* Why a third worship service?  We currently have two very good worship options: One for those who appreciate an intimate traditional style of worship (8:00); and one for those who appreciate a classical sanctuary congregational style of worship (10:00). What we don’t offer is a contemporary style of worship, which many people find quite appealing — indeed, contemporary worship is the most popular style of worship among the most vibrant churches in the area. A contemporary service allows us to connect with a wider demographic, which in turn helps people connect with our vision and values in a meaningful way. Beginning a new worship service also helps promote our congregation in the wider community, which helps serve as an entry point to our congregation’s many ministries, programs, and ARK initiatives.

* Who is the Table for?  While people currently involved in our congregation are of course welcome to participate, this service is designed to share good news in a meaningful way with people who are not currently connected to our congregation.

* When and where will it be held?  11:15 a.m. on Sunday mornings in the Fellowship Hall (with the exception of special events, such as Sunday lunches, etc.).

* What about Sunday School?  Sunday School will continue meeting at the same time. As new people connect through the Table, then they can begin new Sunday School classes or groups as needed. It’s also possible that newcomers might choose to begin attending the 8:00 or 10:00 service and go to a current Sunday School.

* When will the Table begin?  October 15, 2017. But we will have a preview service on October 1st.

* What about kids?  We are developing an active Children’s Worship experience in the Large Muscle Room. This Children’s service will take place during the 11:15 worship time.  We will also continue to hold children and youth Sunday School classes during the 9:00 hour. Children’s Chapel Time will still be offered during the 10:00 service.

* How can I support the Table?
There are a number of ways you can help.
— Planting the seed: To help get the Table off the ground, we are in need of about a dozen people to covenant to attend the Table (along with their current worship service if they’d like) for three to six months (by then it should have enough people to sustain itself). If you’d like to do this, please let Pastor David know.
— Social Media: We would also appreciate you telling others about the Table, especially by sharing news about it on Facebook and social media.— Volunteer: Until we build a base of newcomers, we will need people to help greet, set up, brew coffee, etc.  Again, if you can help in this way, please let Pastor David know.

We are excited to be on this journey together and we look forward to the new directions that God is leading us toward! Thanks for your support!