Meeting Physical and Spiritual Needs

What a time to be at Paradise! God is leading this church into a new chapter. We celebrate the journey thus far, but we look forward to what God still has in store for this church. 

Since 1863, Paradise United Church of Christ has established a rich history of serving the spiritual needs of its congregation and the people of Louisville. In every era, it has been a true reflection of the Body of Christ, committed to being a caring and supportive faith community. To continue living our mission of embodying the love of Jesus Christ through worship, spiritual growth, Christian education and service to God and His community, we must provide meaningful and impactful worship opportunities for all our members and the community.

In addition, now is the time to address a growing number of maintenance and capital improvement issues. It is our hope that we will see our vision for the church realized – our building in great condition and our spiritual needs met. I pray that you will support our church to the best of your ability at this crucial point in our history to not only provide resources to restore our aging facilities, but to invest in an energized ministry.

Pastor David

Spiritual Maintenance

The greatest spiritual needs of our church:

  •  Community Outreach, and activation of members into ministry.

  • A worship experience that caters to families, teens, and young adults.

  • A strong children’s and youth program

 Ministry Goals:

  • Balanced, fully funded budget that is outreach and growth oriented

  • A third (contemporary) service

  • Children’s ministry

  • A kind and generous church

  • Wedding and Marriage ministry

 Action steps we must accomplish to achieve these goals:

  • Mission revitalization

  • Development of a third service

  • Children’s ministry development

  • Associate Minister to assist in children, youth, Christian education and contemporary worship leader

  • Development of wedding outreach ministry


Sanctuary and Future Renovations

Paradise has a rich tradition within the community. One cannot count all the good that has taken place inside the walls of Paradise: decisions, baptisms, weddings, funerals, confirmations, Bible School, Sunday School, Easter and Christmas Eve worship services, to name a few. The church is home to many and a pillar of the community. The campaign has already addressed our heating and cooling systems, front steps and fellowship hall. It has been over 40 years since the Sanctuary has been updated. Now is the time to complete these deeply needed improvements which will enhance and provide a welcoming environment for members and visitors alike.


What We Have Completed

Spiritual and Physical Maintenance

Replaced Furnace/AC units 

Rev. Anderson’s Program       Development (ongoing)

We added a third worship service.  

We hired a worship leader and Children’s Minister.

Continual work on our ARK program (Acts of Random Kindness)

Repaired front porch wall and steps.

Scraped, caulked and painted front Rose Window and gable ends and eves of Sanctuary

Replaced carpet in Fellowship Hall                                                      


What We Still Need To Accomplish

Sanctuary Renovations

Carpet in Sanctuary $ 45,000

Paint Sanctuary $ 27,000

Reupholster Sanctuary pews $ 73,000

Total Sanctuary Renovations $145,000

Outside Renovations

Black top parking lots $ 70,000